Java Reserve

Naga Rum

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NAGA Java Reserve is a blend of two distillations: the first is a 65% spirit obtained through distillation in traditional Chinese stills. The other, at 92% ABV, is obtained through distillation in a column still.


  1. Fermentation of molasses and fermented red rice in teak vats, up to 12% ABV.
  2. 52% of this "cane wine" is distilled in traditional Chinese stills until it reaches 30% ABV. It is then distilled in these same stills a second time, until it reaches 60-65%.
  3. 48% of cane wine is distilled in a column still to reach 92%.

The rum obtained in this way is then aged for 3 years in teak barrels, before being transferred to American oak barrels (ex-bourbon barrels) for 4 years.

tastes of Indonesia…

the double-ageing process in jati (teak) and ex-bourbon oak barrels offers naga rum a harmonious balance between gently spiced notes and exotic fruits.

Pearl of Jakarta - Naga Rum