Indonesia is one of the largest countries in South East Asia and gathers 13,466 islands. It is the 4th country by population in the world. It is also the country of origin of sugar cane, which cultivation then spread throughout Asia and only in Latin America and the Caribbean from the 15th century.
It is the ideal country for the cultivation of sugar cane thanks to its climate and its environment.

The name Naga is that of the mythical creature of Asia, Serpent guardian of the treasures of the earth and symbol of prosperity, fertility and protector Of the treasures of nature. The nāga is a mythical being of Hinduism, but the word also means basically: serpent.
The naga in religion keep the treasures of nature, are attached to water and bring prosperity. In the legends of India and all of Southeast Asia, the nâgas are inhabitants of the underworld where they jealously guard the treasures of the earth. It is also in the naga that the fertility of the soil is due.

NAGA RUM is produced in the northern part of the island of Java using an ancient Asian distillation process. The rum in Indonesia bears the name of Batavia Arrack: Batavia being the name given by the Dutch in 1619 in Jakarta. And the word Arrak is an Arabic name that means spirits. It is one of the oldest alcohols in the world ... as early as 1634 writings bear witness to the trade of the Indonesian rum by the English and Dutch merchants. In the 1700 Batavia Arak was very popular in Europe and considered to be of much better quality than Caribbean rum. In 1796 Joseph Francois Charpentier de Cossigny, botanist engineer and French explorer, wrote: "Indonesian rum is much better quality than Jamaican rum, a fact that even the English must recognize"

The slow fermentation of the molasse is boosted by the addition of yeast of malted Javanese red rice. The Rum is a blend of distillates: 52% in "Old Indonesian Pot Stills" at 65 degrees and 48% in 92 degree columns. Finally, it is aged in jati casks, a local exotic wood (Indonesian name for teak) and then in bourbon casks. NAGA RUM is a rum whose sweetness and subtlety are elegantly balanced by spicy and fruity notes. EYE: A light rum, light in color. NOSE: Delicate and spicy, slightly peppery with a delicate rise of cocoa. PALATE: Subtle vanilla, a touch of cinnamon and exotic spices at the end of the mouth. Not too sweet good balance of flavors with a slight tip of banana flambé A rum close to nature and at the same time gourmand and refined.

«I travel the world to find the right ingredients for this delicious libation. Delicate tropical flavour!»
Daniele Dalla Pola – NU LOUNGE BAR, Bologna.
45 ml fresh pineapple juice
15 ml fresh lime juice
10 ml pimento liquor
1 dash Pernod
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
Add all the ingredients into a shaker except bitters. Add ice cube, shake. Pour in a chilled cocktail glass. Add bitters.

A pleasant medley of exotic fruit and spices. Flavourful. A very delicate cocktail, ideal for rum lovers.
75 ml rum
20 ml Orgeat syrup
15 ml fresh lime juice
1 dash Angostura Bitters
Add all the ingredients into a shaker except bitters. Add ice cube, shake. Pour in a chilled cocktail glass. Add bitters.

Inspired by a great classic, the Brandy Crusta. Flavour is round and sweet. Give it a try !
60 ml rum
10 ml ginger syrup
10 ml fresh lemon juice
10 ml orange Curacao
5 ml maraschino Liquor
Prepare a glass by moistening the rim with lime and dipping it in sugar, then carefully
curling the lemon peel around the inside of the glass. Add all the ingredients into a shaker. Add ice cube, shake. Pour into prepared glass.